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Family shortly

Our family includes father (Jaska), mother (me, Minz), two kids; son Lauri (b 1992) and a daughter Laura (b 1993). We also have four nice dogs: Mimi, Kissi, Kyösti and Kadi plus two lively cats: Susu and Mustis in the house. The idea of our own website came from Laura. She is really handy with website updates and making new things with computer. Lauri wants more to play with a computer, not so much to make new things with it. Jaska is now working in Shanghai, China, and will be back home again after the summer! He worked in Italy for little over a year and before that he travelled mostly Europe arround and came home only from time to time on weekends. He likes travelling and being abroad. I have my own company where I do office work (accounting, invoicing, salary counting and web planning plus updating etc.) and I'm so lucky to have a possibility to work with our pets arround me.

I've trained Mimi to do different little stunts and she seems to be very easy to train. We have not been in any kind of obedience trainings and might be, that with Mimi I never even will. Though I've booked a place for us in a course of Activity and Dogdance for the begining of the year 2007. This course has been moved a couple of times already, because first there was not enough participants and then because of too many dogs in heat. It was really sad for me, because Mimi is really anxious learning new things. But at long last we started our course in the end of August and participated to the first Dog Dance Contest already at the end of September this year. It was exciting and I was really happy to receive the first prize with Mimi in our category. Dog Dancing continues.

Kissi has been studying some stunts, too, but has much less patience to do them properly, if needed more than two stunts in the row. We should practise more. With Kissi we are participating Dog Shows and Match Shows more. But now we have been out of these, because of Kissi's fur. I cut it short a while ago, so there is a possibility for it to grow back healthy.

Kyösti is the oldest of our pets now, though he is the last one in our family. In the middle of September Kyösti changed homes, at age of four and a half. He also is a fast learner, quite calm, but has some behavioral problems with his temperament. Getting better every day, though. He is sweet, loving little gentleman most of the time.

I'm planning to start K9 Freestyle -dog dancing training with Kadi, too, when the time is right. I believe she's just the right for it, if I find the suitable motor for her first. =o)

This is how we watch tv on Laura's bed (that was in the livingroom because of our upstairs renovation):