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Whoa! Almost a year has gone by, and I haven't had the time to update this diary. I don't even know if anybody reads this, but for the safety's sake, here's a little summary of the happenings in our family in the past year. These may not be in the order of the occation, but some things that comes into my mind thinking of the past.

Our son has started his studies to became an electrician in the city of Uusikaupunki. His school locates so far and has difficult transportation that his daily bustrip takes about four hours off of his days. And because he easily gets nauseous (as I do, too) in the bus, he can't read or do anything of use, such as home work, while the bus is moving. But luckily he likes the school and the electical studies. Soon the first year is already over and the second year starts next August.

Our daughter has decided to continue her studies in Nousiainen, so her daily routines will not be so much affected as her brother's was after the grammar school, but college will definitely request more time for homework to keep up good grades. Her boyfriend is already in the college and will have his last year there next season.

The last half a year we have been fighting with the Cherry Eye of Mimi and at last I heard there is a way to operate that without a great risk of damaging the tearduct and I had it done in the middle of April. Since then the eye has been fine and it seems like that problem is in the past totally. I'm happy!

On January my husband was on his vacation for two weeks here at home. Which was wonderful. He and our son renovated our entryroom at last. Tiles on the floor and the floor heating, cabinets for coats and stuff with sliding doors. It was really good to have some space to put things into at longlast! I really like this little room now, though it needs a bit of finishing touches yet. Blue-white decorations looks nice.

Our furry friends also had a newcomer of a German shepherd, Kadi, this Spring. I've been looking out for a shepherd many a years back, but haven't found a suitable breeder. Now I was asked to give a home to a year and a half old lady, because her family hasn't have the time she needed. I was in contact with the family a lot of times before they came and I new a lot of the newcomer already before she actually was here. I wasn't ready to jeopardise our "old" furry friends with a new pet. I had to be sure, there will be no problems. Kadi was already used to moving a home (our home is her third - and final - place after the breeder's), cats, kids, other dogs, people coming and going. And she is calm, cool and collected at all times. Young, but incredibly peacefull - has good nerves. Just what I wanted!

There has been a lot of new stuff to learn here, though, for Kadi. She is not the only pet in the house any more; outings with three other dogs was new, waiting her turn while giving food, going out, playing, training etc. Some places are restricted (like cat's toilet), but some places allowed (like sofa). But Kadi has learned things quite fast indeed. She had been here for about a week and I already felt like she's been here always. We totally are connected!

Kyösti, the papillon, had one seasure that looked like some kind of epileptic attack in the end of April. He was very mixed minded and collapsed totally for a few seconds. The seasure was over about in five minutes. It wasn't for long, but it was quite scary still. Let's hope there will never be another seasure like this. I work at home, so I would probably notice, if there is.

Because of Kadi's size and the seasure of Kyösti I decided it would be better to sterilize Kadi and the cats as soon as possible. And now it has been done. Susu and Mustis have cured very well and the wounds are almost invisible already. Next sunday I can take collars off and know they'll be safe though they would lick their scars, which they surely will do. Kadi has her stiches getting off in the vet next week and she has to keep the collar on for the most of the the next two weeks still. Only when we are out walking, I keep her free of collar. She seems to be nicely attached to it by now. Knows how to move with it.

Summer is coming fast and somehow I can't get myself moving out. There's a lot to do and not so much time as I would like to, but if I can't get the field ready this summer, then maybe I'm more energetic next year... No problem!


There's been a long period of hot weather here for the end of quite cold Spring. Flowers needs watering and still are getting old at a fast rate. I would prefer a bit cooler sunny days. I'd leave these almost 30 degrees celcius days for the South part of the globe. Though it's surely beautiful to have clear and bright days - we should have some sort of automatic watering system in the garden, too.

We've had some friend-dogs to take care of at time to times this Spring, too. Let us to have a little difference in our routines. I just enjoy so much seeing the pets to get along and how they all for example plays differently with each other. I never get bored to that. Luckyly we have a lot of pets to loan at time to time.

There's a couple of new puppies in the near-family, too. My mother in law took an x-breed (half sherman sheperd, half doberman) Inka. She is quite easy, but a bit afraid of new things: both seeing and hearing. Hopefully she can keep her trust towards the owner, so that there will not be any trouble in the future. She will be a powerfull pet when she grows up. Also my brother's family took a little cavalier kingcharlesspaniel-girl. Very cute and loving. Likes to be seated on the lap of somebody. Now there are dogs and cats in every household of our nearest family circle. That's great!

My husband started his expatriot time in China, Shanghai, a while back. Seems like the weather is similar there and here, which is kind of funny. We thought it would be a much warmer place there. Without the airconditioning this house of ours would be like a hot bath. I'm so happy we bought the machine, it feels a life saver at the moment.

I've done a lot of walks with the dogs and often take our cat Susu with us. She likes to be part of the outings. But now it seems, it's a bit too warm even for her. She might come to the door, but wouldn't step out. So, there seems to be a limit in the warmth, too.

Kissi still has her long and warm fur and seems to get along fine. Kyösti and Mimi on the other hand has slowed down a bit. Being not so playful and energetic as normally. Hot is hot and then we should take it easy - and we will. There's no hurry to anywhere.


It has been really busy time since the year changed. New challenges at work (handling my own firm), many different happenings; birthdays, visiting friends and family, having quests at house, planning the future, caring pets, participating with the lives of our teens (of course)...

I was in a dog dancing contest with Mimi and Kissi at the middle of February. Oh, how far away that now feels. It was really good practise, though we didn't give our best in show, I'm afraid. Our class with Kissi changed at the last minute, and we had to compete in a group we really didn't belong to yet. But anyway, it was fun. Probably there's next contest in Autumn sometime, so that's the next goal, if there's any possibility to practise more.

Though Mimi have had some troubles with her Cherry-eye -complex, that has an effect on training - must be careful, that there's no infections coming into that eye. That's really frustrating sometimes, because there's nothing else to be done, but waiting and hoping...

Also the renovations of our house has been started again now that it is warm and dry outside. Summer is there just behind the corner! Let's see how this goes. Seems like there's always something missing or then the weather is against us, but little by little we go.

What's really exciting, my sister's dog, Jaja, is about to have puppies! The birth should be any time now. Let's just hope everything goes well. She is first-timer in this. Just waiting for a message that the process is started. Though this is not at all good for my fever for hoping to have a new puppy in the family. No, I'm aware we're now a family of three dogs and it is enough - until all the renovations are over, anyway.


Ups! It's - again - over a month since last posting. What has happened here in this time. A lot, I suppose, but I can remember only the main part.

Kissi has complitely healed from the sterilization and is now growing her fur rapidly - or at least it feels so. There wasn't any problems what's so ever after the operation. Happy us, happy her! I think we don't need to cut all the fur off, but only the upper part her hips. There the fur is dry and crispy, and there it easily also gets tangled. But I'll do the cutting after her hormonal functions stops - it takes about 2-3 months from the operation.

New Year we were home and had my brother with his wife and dog, Nella-pinser with us. First fireworks since Kyösti came to us and I was a bit worried what would happen, but he didn't care a bit about the loud noise or the flashes in the sky. And neither did Mimi or Kissi care. Nella was somewhat nervous and tried to find a quiet corner in the house, but there was none. Still she was a bit calmer here than what she has used of being at home. In the city the noise is a bit different when it eccos from the walls of other buildings. So, all in all, everything went smoothly by. Can be thinking to arrange the same situation for the next year, too. =o)

I registered into the next dog dance competion in the middle of this month with Mimi and Kissi. I've been a really busy though, and the practise has been almost like non at all. Mimi's Cherry Eye has been borthering also, that needs a few days rest from all jumping and such at a time. I just hope it is fine when the day comes we should be competing. Not with any great expectations we are going this time, but still are going.

I had a Glamour-day and evening in Helsinki with my husband last weekend and we had Mimi and Kissi at my sister's practicly the whole weekend. We had meetings before to get Pörri, their newest comer, to get to know Mimi and Kissi. First one by one and then together and there was no difficulties what so ever, though they are quite same age and female all. The kids were at home and handled Kyösti and the cats. Everything went fine, though we phoned home a lot of times. It takes a lot of different arrangements when we are going somewhere withouth the pets, but luckily we have great caretakers nearby, when needed!

What else? The winter has not yet come either. Some couple of days snowing and the nature being white, but soon it is always melting away again. Looks like the end of October all the time - wet and dark. I'm afraid we doesn't have a winter at all in this season. Or is there still time?


Time has passed since last update and a lot has happened. Not everything can be written here, because I just can't remember them all...

Most important occation is the sterilization of Kissi. It was done to minimize the stress of her seasons that are now totally over. No puppies either, ever. The reason of this was the diagnose of Demodex folliculorum that seems to continue making their destructions for the fur. It took a long time to the cut fur to start growing, but when it did, it still is not proper. It is really rough and dry for the most part. Though we are feeding her with extra nourishing food and caring her fur with extra good products. We probably need to cut her fur down again a bit later and give some time for this operation and it's effect to take place. Kissi has nicely started healing the cut and was about the next day ready to play, run and jump as she was used to. Mostly we have had to calm her down and keep her steady. At least it's good to know her wound is not hurting too much.

There will be a new dog dancing contest at Spring and it has been on my mind to start learning some new things and to find a new song for a new act, but I just have not had enough time to do anything about it. It has also been a bit of trouble with Mimis eye, the one that has not been operated. The cherry eye has not yet left us totally. It's not good to do any jumping or too much running when it is "on", so that there is a possibility to the eye to heal itself. And luckily it has been working until this time.

Kyösti and the cats are being arround as usual. Nothing specific happened. I've thought a lot about sterilization of the cats, too, but it is enough keeping one pet as calm as possible at a time. And because there's not any health problems what so ever with the cats, so they can wait.

Christmas was a nice relaxing occation in our family. No arranged goings or doings, just going by feeling, eating when hungry, and having a warm sauna before it. There's no snow though, what flattens the feeling a bit. It would be so perfect, if the nature would be white. Where has the winter gone?


So, time has, again, gone by very fast. Kyösti, our newest member of the family, has totally gotten used to us and our routines. He's also less aggressive, allowes to be handled and even wants to be brushed, though that was really a hard thing for him at first. I even can cut his nails without any fuss. Only when there's some quests in the house, he still is a bit suspicious and doesn't want them to take him up from the floor or petting him too harshly. He doesn't bite, but makes quite a rumble at times. Especially timid he is for the handling of the kids he doesn't yet trust. But all in all his behaviour is really good. He is a fast learner.

At the end of September I took part in a Dog Dancing contest with Mimi. This was our first contest and we competed in a novice-category, one up from practise-class. We won the first prize and got the honour prize, too from the six shows in our category. With the grade of Excellent. We were also selected as a favourite of the audience which I was really surprised. There were so many great presentations it must have been the great enthusiasm Mimi showed in her acts. As I must have told before, she really enjoys dog dancing! =oD Our music was Tico-tico and it has been really difficult now to find a new one after that. Let's see for how long it takes.

Kissis fur has been cut off and she seems to be content with the new look of hers. Still she gets hot from time to time, though she can now stay on the bed or sofa for a bit longer than before. I try to keep her fur in good condition with both inner and outer treatment, with vitamins and furcare. It seems to be really slow on growing, but hopefully we have our furball back eventually.

Mustis and Susu are having their seasons together and separately, keeping only a few days brakes. Both of them are really attracted to Kyösti and he sometimes needs to inform them to keep their distance. Witch they sometimes do, but sometimes doesn't. It it funny how the cat's are trying to charm the only male pet in the house and are not so keen on trying to get out of the house, for there are some male cats walking arround in our yard at times.

Our house renovations are going forward slowly, but still something happens every week. Strange, but we have to handle our jobs, too, if we want some money to run this way. Householding though is never ending story, as I think everybody knows.


We have a new pet in our family. Kyösti is a four year old male, loving personality, but a bit easy to growl and bite when touching (brushing, drying, cutting his nails, lifting, moving). He has been in our family for almost two weeks now, and is already a lot easier to handle. Very clever guy! =o)

Kissi's fur is not good. It has gone a lot worse after the diagnose of Demodex folliculorum, but luckily, not having any new infections, though. Her hair has not grown length at all and the Dog Shows of the summer went by without us. The vet suggested we should cut her fur off for the winter and give some time to her body to work against the Red Mange in peace. I would like to have her fur long, so I have to think properly what to do next.

With Mimi we are now participating our first official Dog Dance contest on Sunday, the day after tomorrow. It really is very exciting thing and I already have a lot of butteflies in my stomach because of it. Let's hope everything goes well. At least we will be a lot wiser about the contest afterwards. The first time is a good practise for us.

Kyösti has gotten used to the cats also very well. He has seen some cats on his walks before, but never really close and never inside. Now we have two of them in and he is so "cool" our older cat, Susu, has fallen in love with him. She follows Kyösti arround constantly. And he is a really great gentleman, I have to admit. We are really lucky to have a dog as calm as he is, but still ready to learn new things and always working together with passion.

Most of our time has gone by doing the renovations in our house and in our yard, so this has also affected the time I have to update the site. Still there's a lot to do before the winter comes, but I'm hoping we'll manage.


Time has passed again, just like that. The weather has been really warm appart from a few wet days in between. Mustis and Susu were feeling warm, too, and didn't sleep quite side by side, but as soon as the weather was little cooler, they were hugging each other. Can't be much more sweeter looking thing than this, I think! =o)

As what comes to the other news. We have now successfully ended our courses of obedience & activity (with Kissi) and dog dance (with Mimi). Since then we have been doing practically nothing more, but a few daily stunt-moments. I think the more training will start in the Autumn again, after we have our yard fixed a bit after a major soil digging (plumming and other water systems). Our renovation is still continuing the whole summer through.

About a week ago Kissi was diagnosed to have a symptoms of Demodex folliculorum (Red Mange) arround her left eye. She got a heavy medication for it and is now getting better little by little. More information fom. here. The reason why the disease is now started may be stress of our renovations at home, no other reasons like her seasons, worms or nutrition shouldn't be the problem, at least. Now we just have to hope everything goes well and the symptoms are gone forever after this.


Ops, time has gone by so fast it's quite difficult to find enough time to write something down. In this photo Mimi is tired after an hours dog dance practice and then afterwards about the same time of going-past -practice. She was really anxious of doing everything, though other participants changed in the middle.

We have been in a course that is now about in half and soon we should be trying to get some show moves together. Time to practise at home has been very hard to find these days, but we should just take some time and go for it. Tomorrow I'm going to get the music I found suitable for us and we then should be soon ready to go.

Kissi has her own course at Monday evenings and is also getting better and better all the time. She is not so eager to bark to others as she was before and she also can relax more when where's other strange dogs arround. Funnily she has always known how to behave in dog shows and match shows, but other situations has been much harder for her to cope. Yesterday she got a good review in Rauma Dog Show and won her class, second in breed. I felt quite exited and didn't know what to do at times, but still she managed to convince the judge of her beauty and good nature. I was so proud of her!


It was a really great dog camp we had last weekend! There were a lot of other dogs, nice dog owners, beautiful place and a lot of doggy activities. We even tried some dog dance in practise and though Mimi was in the field with other dogs for the first time, she kept contact quite nicely and I actually had a good training session of dancing with her. Kissi was training with my daughter and though Kissi doesn't yet even know a lot of moves, she went surprisingly well - nose following after some sweets Laura had in her hand. Both dogs showed a lot of enthusiasm for this hobby.

Seems like we are starting first with Kissi (at the middle of April) - a lot of sosializing and some dog dance and then at the end of April a full course of dog dance with Mimi.

Some difficulties finding a good music for the dance has came up, because I've heard a great song of Tico-tico, that wasn't a samba, now I just can't find it any more. It was a slow version of traditional Tico-tico, I think and it fitted my and Mimi's pace greatly. Hopefully we will find it soon.


Kissi's season is over. It went through with a few droppings, not really lot of blad were seen. All the covers is now taken off and those were also clean, not a drop of blad there. Better to be safe than sorry, though.

Now it was the turn of Mustis to have her heat. Her first one. She is really huggable and affectionate, moans for attention and care. I think the most surprised about it was Susu. She just started her heat and tried to charm the dogs (and succeeded!) even the one we had in our care for few days, Nella. Nella had a really bad experience about cat that attacked her when she was a puppy, but still Susu melted her heart for at least some cats - ours anyway. Susu was constantly trying to get Nellas attention while she was staying with us. Her heat stopped like a bite when the heat of Mustis started. That was weird to notice.

Otherwise we have been a lot without doing anything. I have participated to a couple of lectures; one of the signals dogs are using and the otherone of the health of dogs, how to notice, if dogs muscles are sore or when the dog is in real pain. Really interresting ones. We are planning to start a little group training of getting to know different hobbies to attend with the dogs. 8 weeks course every monday about an hour at a time. Starting from the begining of April. And on top of this it seems we are finally managing to have a group for a dog dance course arround the end of April - start of May.

Next weekend we are in a dog camp in Hiidenhelmi, that is a place that is meant for group meetings with doggy issues. It starts at the evening of Friday and ends at Sunday. Our first camp experience. There is a lot of different lectures and training in schedule along with being in a company of other doglovers. I'm really looking forward to this already.


Kissi has her first season and is really "sound-effect". There may be tv on downstairs when she is upstairs and she constantly yaps about the "noice". Sometimes it's really unnoying. Dripping is not too bad, luckily. I've heard about the cases that the whole house looked like a butcher has visited there after days work. Couple of droplets of blad on the floor and that's it. I've covered the sofas and beds for safety's sake anyway.

I had a bad flu this week and still I am trying to get better. Seems like it takes a lot of energy to keep Kissi's fur without any tangles these days. One done, an other one appears nearby. Well, this was know to be coming and apparently it is going to stay like this for about a year to come. When I feel personally better, I should think, it is also a bit easier to fight against tangles, too.


It's been very strange winter. At the end of Fall it was snowing about a week or two, then it has been warm. Like a really long Autumn. Now a couple of days ago it was snowing so the world came white at longlast. We have been enjoying ourselves. Now it seems like the weather is going warmer again. Snow melts quicly. Hopefully we have some more in a day or two. It would be great to have a real winter for a while.

Next sunday there's a Dog Show nearby and we are attending there with Kissi. There has been some trouble keeping her paws clean and white, because the weathers were wet, but now the weather is on our side. Tomorrow is a washing day and I just hope there isn't any too dirty weathers before the show. Kissi started to change her fur rapidly after Christmas and she seems to get her fur tangled really easy. I'm brushing her now many times a day and still there's tangles behind her ears and at her armpits. One gone, an other one coming... This will last from a few months to about a year from now. Depends on how fast her fur grows. Then it will be easier to handle again.


We were visiting a relative with both of our dogs. And even Mimi, who doesn't like being in a car, was anxious to come along with us. It was a birthday party with a lot of people, all doglovers. Mimi and Kissi had a LOT of attention and scratches from both adults and kids. They were absolutely in heaven! I also made them do some stunts to practise some contact in a noicy environment. They were really anxious of doing things and of course very pleased to get some petting or sweets as a reward afterwards. They had a great audience and I have to say I was proud of Mimi and Kissi all the time. After about four-five hours of eager contact, we started home, both of them were really tired already. Happily made the last walk of the day and then into sleep. The visit took a lot of energy out of them both.

It was, of course, a time to talk a lot about the dogs. I seem to end up doing that with everybody and everywhere. I just can't give up a good subject when there is a chance.


The year 2006 left behind with some changes. We had to give up one of our longyear pets, Lissu, last Spring which was sad. But then we also had two new lovely pets, Mustis and Kissi, at the end of the summer. Both made their life "homie" as soon as they came to us. All pets are enjoying each other and other family has enjoyed watching them growing together. I have earlier been in a dog show with my sister and her dogs, but now I started to go there with Kissi. Next show is at the end of this month. I started to have a new hobby, tokoagi, with Kissi and tried to get into a dog dance course with Mimi (hopefully this will come through this year then). A lot of activities arround dogs.

The year 2007 started with a nice fireworks and great company. My sister was here with her two daughters, one stayed at home with their dogs and a father, and my brother with his family accompanied us until little over midnight. It was great to have a house full of people. Dogs didn't care about the noise of fireworks at all, hardly even noticed it. There was so many caring hands and warm laps arround.

So, let us all
Have a Really Great, Happy and Energetic Year of 2007!


A little too short to buckle up Kissi's hair properly, so I tried to pin it up a bit to see her eyes, too. Otherwise it seems like she moves like a blind one, all hair on her eyes. I would like to use pins, but Kissi thinks it's not so nice. I will keep a pin in her forehead at times, so she hopefully will get used to it little by little.

Mustis has started to show some water qualities in herself. She splashes the water in the bowl of the dogs with her paws. And the floor is practically full of water after this. I really don't like this so much. Our wood floors don't like getting wet, either.

Susu has now started playing "follow the leader" with Kissi. First Kissi runs, walks, jumps, sits or what ever - and Susu makes these just after her. It really is fun to see. I don't know what she really thinks when she does this, but I can say that after a while playing this, Kissi doesn't like Susu to be following her every step. Funny they are! =o)

Mimi found a mouse in our verandah one day, and we traped that one. After this Mimi has been really alert in verandah and seems like she is determined to find more mice in there. Our little hunter!


A month has gone by since I last wrote. We've been in a Match Show and in a Puppy Show with Kissi this month. She seems to be quite a professional one what comes to the behaviour arround other dogs and in a middle of a lot of strange people. She is so relaxed. Her nature at home with us is almost the opposite. But when gone to the ring, she gets excited and easily jumps up and down. This is getting better all the time, though. We just should have more practise in the ring - the yard of ours is not the same at all- we've tried this, too. I have to say, it is easy to take Kissi along with me everywhere, because she is absolutely sure to be nice. Not barking or snarling. She is calm, cool and collected. (Kissi is the one in the middle on the photo.)

Otherwise there has not been much happening. Our course of dog dance is still waiting arround the start of next year, not yet. I've been practising a bit of tokoagi with Kissi and Mimi - mainly contact. And I think this really works, too! Both of them are much more easily taking contact, staying arround me, constantly waiting for my next request. Both are also really enjoying everything we do together. The weathers has been so wet and dark, we haven't done nothing but the ordinary walks outside. Mimi really doesn't enjoy the wet weather...

The cats are asking attention mostly late in the evening. When I go to bed, I have two hunters arround me, ready to attack at any move I make. And when they get tired, they dig under my blanket, like in a cave, and goes to sleep. My favourite type of sleeping. =o)


An active and wet week behind us. Not much time or possibilities to practise anything. I've been first out with Kissi (on Monday) for Tokoagi-practise session. We learned how to get a dog to take contact more easily and some tricks of helping a dog to relax - even in a noisy surroundings. It was fun. On Tuesday we had a school's parent's evening and it practically took the whole evening. Nothing new though, but to see Laura's first period-certificate, with the highest grade of 10 in mathematics. I'm really proud of her! Wednesday I was home, but there was so much householding to do, I really didn't have much time to do anything special with dogs. Only a short show-practise with Kissi. On Thursday I had a meeting with Oriflame and on Friday we were having a kind of a family gathering. We were boling and having a sauna afterwards. All the pets were left home for the evening. Luckily the kids had their Autumn vacation so the pets wasn't left alone for the whole day. Yesterday it was raining, but I still made a couple of little sessions of show-practise and some tokoagi practises. Not much, though. Tomorrow is the second group-practise of Tokoagi with Kissi and I just hope it's not raining too much...


We are starting to practise show-behaviour with Kissi. Suvi, our goddaughter, gave us a lesson of how to start learning these things. This is quite new to me, too, so we are both in our first audition in next Pet-show in the begining of November. The plan is to have more practises when the weather allows it. I have a lot to do with Kissi yet. She doesn't know the meaning of staying in one position, yet standing when we're not moving... But she will get it eventually - hopefully.

We were supposed to start a course of Dog Dance with Mimi yesterday, but it was cancelled because of too little participates - females with their periods this time. Next we'll try to get enough people to the course that starts in January. I really hope it will not move an inch from this any more. We've been training mostly with contact and some tricks also outside with a varying result. Some times Mimi is really connected to me, makes happily all the commands I give her, but some times she is "not there", sniffing arround and hearing things from a distance. But we are not ready yet, either way, so the training sessions are continuing. The plan is to keep these sessions funny to both of us and not even trying to do anything in a wet weather, because Mimi hates it so much. Little by little, we're going ahead.


Autumn has come! It was the first time we lighted our fireplace and all the pets were really interrested about that. Later it was Mustis that sat in the table and just stared at the fire in the fireplace. She seems really to like looking into fire. And of course, it's warm! After three nights of cold - we still sleep windows open - it surely IS nice to have some warmth in the house.

Otherwise we have started our routine with works and schools and all four pets are on their own at home when we are out. The only thing that has suffered a little is our welcoming mat. But actually I think the most of the day is going pass by pets sleeping. At least they are so active and lively when we come home - like starting it fresh again. =oD

Kissi has grown and can jump into beds and sofas by herself now. Still mostly sleeps on the floor, but likes to be resting beside Mimi also - side by side. Mimi likes the brushing so much she always comes nearby when I brush Kissi and waits for her turn. Sometimes also the cats are there on the line. And I really like brushing the pets, so this is fine for me!

Susu started her moans here after she decided Mustis was grown-up enough. This lasted about a week. Before Mustis she had these periods like two weeks on and two weeks off. And it's the dogs that are usually more interrested about Susu and trying to help...

Laura started her upper-level school (don't know what that's called properly), she's now in the seventh grade. There started the class of householding and she had some homework to do tee-coocies. Yam! I don't know how it was handled last year when Lauri was at the same spot, because he didn't never do any specific homework - though he has always liked cooking and makes our suppers many times by himself.


Now we have had newest newcomer, Kissi the coton, home for a little over one week. She is really lively, active and energetic little puppy. She already has made friends with Mimi and Mustis, but because of her barking, Susu wants to keep a little distance. Mimi doesn't like the "commanding" either, but keeps her place, just ignores the little one jumping and growling arround her. Kissi already knows to use the papers for her toilet, if we doesn't notice to go out at exact moment. She may have just been out and still she has to "mark" the papers with a tiny spot. Funny! It has been great to be at a vacation and have a chance to look the pets to "grow" together!


Everything has gone really fine with our three pets. Mustis is like the kitten of Susu's. She cares for her, licks her clean and plays with her. Mimi is always trying to get sleep really close to Mustis. Mimi is also knowing to be really gentle with the newcomer.

Today we were seeing our coton-puppie in Askainen, too. Our new baby is called Nerocas Beautiful Kiss, Kissi. She is really cute! We are going to get her home next Friday! Can't wait!


Mustis has been home since Sunday. She has gotten used to the house, our routines and already starts to get interrested about Mimi. Mustis still keeps her peace, but comes closer and closer every time. Mimi just sits and keeps her look away - every possible calming gesture is in use. =o)

Susu is a bit "out" about the little one. She keeps her eye on Mustis quite a lot, but still stays away. Mustis has already noticed our plants and plays with them - it took about half a year before Susu did the same... I'm just waiting when Mustis is starting to climb into places. I'm afraid we are talking just about days here. But it was expected! Mustis is really cute!


It has been as warm as in the South, over 30 degrees celsius, for weeks here. Too warm for our taste. And our pets thinks so, too. Just laying arround, doing nothing. No energy to even make walks. At times we just sit in the shadow outside in our yard and watch the world go arround.


Summer has come! Though it's often raining, too. We are all eagerly waiting for our new familymembers, a new kitten and a puppy. Mustis the cat is coming already at the end of July and Coton-puppy about two weeks after that. This summer is about waiting!


Today we opened our Summer time. Jaska fixed the grill and we barbequed. The weather has been great! Stitches of the sterilisation operation has been removed from Mimi's belly in the morning and now we can slowly go back to our normal routines. It's really wonderful that the warmer period of year is coming!


Oops! Problems with keeping a cat inside! Susu learned how to open the door and get out. Sadly, she never closes the door behind her. Now we need to figure out how to make the door so heavy that she is not capable of opening it. Some ideas of how to manage this would be highly appreciated.