In memorial



Lissu (dob: 25.7.1990) would have turned 16 years next Summer. She liked to be by herself. She did't get quite used to the dog in the house, though she let Mimi be just as long as Mimi didn't bother her. And Mimi has understood from the start that she was the cat best to be left alone. In the evening when everybody was going to sleep, she awaked and came to get her attention before she started to go round the house and see that everything was still in order (by her standards; no furniture moved or otherwise changed).

Lissu had a rought start at the life. Her mother died when she was about one week old. She didn't know how to handle her toiletries and didn't get any affection from another pet, though we had two years old Mörri in the house at the time, too. He was really confused why his best friend dissapeared and one tiny one came. They lived 12 years in the same house, but never played with eachother and took every chance to annoy the otherone. Still never fighthing either.

We looked for a mother cat to take care of Lissu when she was young, but we didn't find one. We even asked for dog mothers. I was working at a time and had to take her with me in a warm box to take care and feed her many times a day. When she was old enough to eat and use the toilet-box, we still took her to day care in my mother-in-laws house until she was old enough to take care of herself. This time had its effect on Lissu and she has always been very suspicious of strangers/kids/other pets and is not so affectionate as many cats are. She allowed me to handle her quite roughly if needed (giving her a wash etc.), but she didn't tolerate this from others. She was also indoor-cat for almost all her life, but when we moved here, she started to make short rounds in the yard. Mostly arround the house, but still succeeding on her mousehunting.

As the time gone by, Lissu's tolerance for the kids growed, for other animals and visitors, too. She usually came to the staircase to see, who's coming when the doorbell rang, wanted to sniff the face of the people, but still didn't like them to touch her. In a couple of weeks she clearly seemed older, was not capable of taking care of herself as well as before, the fur was shaggy and still she didn't let herself to be brushed and she also moved slower and a bit stiffly. She has always had a habbit of peeing at the places where is a lot of stuff (papers, clothes) gathered as an unclear pile and now she was even more easy with this (not so nice when the whole house is as one pile of junk while renovating our house). For a little in the end, it was as every day we have to clean the floors many times in a day from one place or another because of her.

I went to see the Vet with her and unfortunately there was't anything to help her any more. That trip was the last one I made with her and while it was really sad, I thought it was much better for her, to have all her troubles gone. She had a long and healthy life, still stays with our hearts and we remember her with warmth.


Mörri (dop: 15.5.1988) came to my household in the Spring I moved to live by myself. He was really affectionate and sweet cat. He was indoor-outdoor-indoor-outdoor -cat and took every part as nicely as he has always been living that kind of life. He used to take long walks with me in the forest (without a strap), though he moaned while we walked away from home, he came with me. And always when we started to walk towards the home he clearly enjoyd himself. Ran a bit forward, stayed and waited until I reached him and then ran a few meters ahead before stopping to wait for me again. He also was very efficient mouse-trap. He never once came home a bird in his mouth, though I often saw him sitting beside bird board watching birds eating their seeds. Even wild birds quickly learned that they don't need to be afraid of Mörri.

The day before his health rapidly went down, he was hunting outside. Next day he wasn't able to get up and we went to see the Vet. He gave him a couple of bags of fluids and started antibiotics. The next day he was even worse and he started bleeding from the mouth and again we visited the Vet. Now we had better examination and the Vet took a lot of different tests. We waited a long time and then the Vet came at last to say his sad news. Mörri was not going to be any better, but with some medicine he may live a couple of weeks more. It was already so hard to see him suffer, so I had to give him a rest. It would not have been any kind of cat-life to just lay in a bed and see the life go past him. I had to make the only proper solution and let him go. At a time he was already almost 16 years old so he had a good and long life.


Missu (dop: 1.6.1989) was a birthday present from my husband. I had been telling him that I feel Mörri would need a companion and one day in the Autumn we drove to Lemu to the house I've never been in. He was really mysterious and only after when we went in and I saw the little ones I understood what he has planned. On the way home again I had our own little furry dreamcat on my lap.

The short time we were able to live with Missu was really great. She was absolutely my special friend though she also liked Mörri a lot. She was following me everywhere and when I was resting on the bed or on the sofa, she always came on top of me to sleep with me.

We were about to get her castrated, when we noticed it was already too late. Missu was pregnant and we just had to deal with it. I started to find future homes for the little ones on the way, but then we noticed that there were only two kittens to be born and the other one was already dead. Lissu survived though needed a little first aid to be breathing. Missu was a bit upset about the delivery and went sleeping on her box for a while. I kept cleaned Lissu and kept her warm and when Missu woke up again started to offer the kitten for her care. She just took Lissu on her mouth carefully and carried her to the box. She licked Lissu clean and offered her first milk. After that Missu always brought Lissu to me when she went out and again got her from me, when she went to her box.

About a week after the birth, our neighbour came to me (I had Lissu with me, because Missu had given her to my care) and said that Missu is under their car and looks like she's dead. I must say, my heart jumped to my ears and I saw some stars that moment, but I went with him with bad expectations and when I saw Missu on the ground I wonder how I could keep myself not to howl. I picked her up, and she already was cold, though she has not been out for too long. I realised there was nothing to do any more and she has already gone to the better place. We had only about a year together with her and I still remember her with great warmth.