Susu shortly


Susu (dop: 16.3.2004) is a siamese cat, though without papers. We wanted to give Mimi a cat-friend almost the same age she was when they both were puppies. And this worked really well. Susu likes to play with Mimi and also her toys from time to time. Susu makes sure Mimi doesn't smell "doggy" and licks her clean daily. So we can say we have the only dog in the neighbourhood, that smells like a cat. =o) Susu has her own secret places in the house and if she doesn't want to be found, she really is not.

Susu is a really flexible and friendly cat. She can even make friends to the dogs that are really terribly afraid of other cats. Somehow she lacks all the scary cat-signals and makes almost an instant friend with dogs. She also is unnaturally sweet by nature - doesn't drop things from shelves, waits nicely while we eat (even when the plate is almost under her nose) and takes her share if and when we give it. Well, sometimes we have four eager and watchfull pairs of eyes near us, but it doesn't matter, because neither of them is really demanding anything.

Susu is a bit of a clumsy one. She doesn't like climbing too high - other than her climbing and clowing tree, from where she comes down by reversing not jumping. She has dropped down from a table, a sofa, a flowerboard, a bed and a chair. Not hurting herself, but being a bit scared about what happened. So, she has learned, not to try too much.

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