Mustis shortly


Mustis (dop: 10.5.2006) is a cute and sweet little cat. As a Kitten Mustis was active and really knew what she wanted. If she had something to play with, she made sure nobody took it away from her. Still she plays softly, not using her clows at all.

She made friend quite quickly with Susu. Mustis had a motherfigure from her. Susu cleans Mustis from tip to tow and at first also comanded sometimes, if the playing went too rough and Susu wanted to take it easy. Mustis also obeyed nicely.

Like all other pets, Mustis likes to be there where the people are. If we are downstairs in the livingroom, all our pets are there, too... Mustis also likes to be petted and purrs loudly when she enjoys herself. Really great increase to our family!

Mustis has grown to a lively cat that comes along with all our other pets as well as the guests we have in the house. Sometimes she now wants to have some peace from Susu, who likes to clean her all the time. Mustis likes water, comes to shower with me and taps the flowing water on the floor. Seems like she wants to arrange the water somehow. =o)

Otherwise she finds all the places in the house that shouldn't be in, tries everything that moves and fights with everything that hangs like plants.

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