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Name: Mimi
Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed, mother Jackrussellterrier
Dop: 21.2.2004
Hight: ~ 40 cm
Weight: ~ 10 kg

How Mimi came to us?

We were looking an X-breed Jackrussell already about a year and a half before, but there was not any available that we could trust not being a puppyfactory. At last I heard from my colleague that her good friend has a brood that was shipped to Finland from Germany with her horses. Puppies were of mixed breed, but properly treated, well kept, vaccinated and had medicated against worms. Dogs were far from where we lived, but we started early in the next morning to get home happy with a cutest puppy in the world late in that same evening. In the car Mimi was kept in a box and at first, when we left she cried about 10 to 15 minutes and when I put my hands in the box, she took it as a pillow and slept. No crying after that any more, though we made a lot of stops on the way to have little walks with Mimi.


So, Mimi is a half Jackrussellterrier, but nobody knows what breed the father was. She is bigger and higher than proper russels, but much softer by nature. She is sweet, easy to train and it's been like she's always been a part of our family. I can't imagine life without her any more! Mimi's favourite game is football. She moves the ball arround the yard with her nose for hours at a time. Mimi and Susu (cat) are the best of friends, too.

Every dog, cat and human is greeted with great enthusiasm and joy. She is everyones friend. When we often have some pet visiting us, she welcomes them as part of our family. She has been really easy from the day one, works as a thought.

She has also never used her teeth into a wrong thing. Her toys are well kept, she doesn't chew anything not allowed - and somehow she has known this from the start. There has not been any need to teach her how to behave. She has been "adalt-smart" from the start.


Mimi knows a lot of little stunts that she gladly shows to everybody. Still we haven't trained obedience or behavior outdoors practically at all. She would be great for sure, but I have been too lazy. Next year we are attending to a course of Activity and Dogdance, let's see what comes up from that! =o)

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