Kyösti shortly


Kyösti (dop: 2004) arrived to our family in the middle of September 2007. He was kind of a victim of a family crisis and was left alone for too many hours daily. We agreed to have a small period of test visiting with us, because he wasn't gotten used to the cats or other dogs either for that matter. He turned out to be really fast learner and got along fine with other pets.

He seemed to be used to getting his way by growling and once he bite me on my thoumb, when I was drying his paws with a towl. He warned me first, but it really wasn't his desicion to stop me doing that and I continued drying. After that I dried his paws every time after we came home from our walks and in a couple of days he was content with the fact he just has to let it happen. He also liked to climb up to the lap when sitting on the sofa and when getting up he again growled people to stay put. But of course that couldn't be accepted. Now he knows to go down by just telling him to do so. At times he can protest a bit, but that doesn't matter. People are the ones to tell what to do and when. He wasn't used to the brush and fur caring either, but little by little he started to accept this as a normal routine from time to time.

Now it's agreed by word that Kyösti is ours, and the official papers has been signed. It was not easy to give up a loved pet which Kyösti has been in his past family. A several dates has been set up for a meeting to arrange the paperwork, but it has been postponed by the past family of Kyösti.

Kyösti is really cute and kind, but has been learned to get his way by snarling at people. He is an adorable little guy, though can be somewhat unpredictable with strangers. When that is known, we can live with it. And he gets easier to handle every day. So he really is a really clever guy!

We had a vet's check up in the end of September and luckily it seems he's in a good health otherwise, but has a lot overweight. Over 20% of his body weight has to be gone by next Spring. We got good instructions for a dog's diet - can't be too quick either.