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Kissi shortly

Day of birth: 11.6.2006
Sex: Female
Official name: Nerocas Beautiful Kiss
Home name: Kissi
Breed: Coton de Tuléar
Breeder: Nerocas, Maria Rauhala
Owner: Birgit Hiironen
Family tree: Here

How Kissi came to us?

At Autumn 2005 we noticed an ad in a newspaper of breed Coton de Tulear. I had never before even heard of this breed, but when we took a couple of books and read the descriptions with beautiful photos we wanted to know more. I called the breeder and we arranged a meeting to the next day. So there was a plenty of time to get more information from the internet. I really got excited about the breed more I learned about it. And when we went to see the breed, talked with the breeder, I got even more anxious of getting one in our family, too.

We came home, I still found out more and more about the breed, and then we decided to make a reservation of one bitch-puppy from the next brood. It was time the mother to be at her heat arround May-June next year, so there was some time to get even more information before the puppy came next Spring.

Then I made the phone call to the breeder at the begining of June, to ask her, how everything goes on. To my surprise she said that the puppies were about to be delivered in a week. And I thought that it was only the time of mother's heat. This was even better, though! We could have our own puppy already at the end of summer!

We visited the puppies a few times while they were still at the breeders, and they all were really beautiful! And at the begining of August I kept my three weeks summer vacation at the time we got Kissi home.


As a puppy, Kissi is bold, open and makes friends with everyone. She enjoys being in a group, but is ok on her own, too. She needs to have an eye on her when she's awake, because she uses her teeth a lot and into everything. She also gives some signs of a little terrier, she barks and snarls at you, when she wants something. She also asks other pets to play with her with growling and barking. Other pets of ours doesn't understand that and makes no attention to the puppy when she does this or fleds away. Which is good. Others can play and wrestle together, but without any sound.

Kissi takes contact very nicely, obeys when we lower our voice and takes petting as a reward afterwards. Very smart little girl we have! She has also shown signs to have noticed the effect of her barking and is much more quiet already.


We have started Tokoagi-practises with Kissi. Once a week with other six dogs. She seems to be really nicely behaved little girl, though there's other dogs barking and whining arround. Still takes contact easily and reacts everything I do.

Also Dog Shows (more info can be found from here) and Match Shows are on the calendar now that her vaccanations are in order. First Match Show gave the second state in a blue ring from 16 other puppies. Great first visit! =o)

More photos.