Kadi shortly


Kadi (dop: 21.8.2007) arrived to our family in the begining of April 2009. She is very peacefull, kind and quick to learn new things.

She has no personality or fysical problems, though this is her third home in her young life. We intend to keep this her last. She accepted us as her new family right away. No crying or not-eating has appeard while she's been here, though she has shown these marks at her former homes. I think it's the other furry friends which has attracted her so much and kept her feeling as home. Many dogs needs company of other dogs.

Kadi has learned how to walk the staircase nicely, how to eat in a group, how to walk in a leash in a group, how to wait turns when doing things or going somewhere. And lots of other stuff. She has accepted the new things quite fast and after only one week, it already felt like she's been here always. I think she thinks that way, too.

Kadi really fits into our family like a glove!